30th August, 2013



It’s been a summer of trials and triumphs for the SpeedDream team, both of which we welcome. When your goal is to forge a completely new way of thinking about fast boats you are going to find some days more trying than others. You are also going to experience the high that comes with perseverance and reaching new goals.

Our sailing program started off Cowes on the Isle of Wight the same day as the famed Fastnet Race got underway. A blustery wind, a record fleet of over 350 boats, and thousands of spectators had the waters between Cowes and Southampton churning. It was time to see if the wave piercing bow really worked, say nothing of flying the keel. On board was our regular skipper Cam Lewis and joining him was Vendée Globe legend Mike Golding and Kuli Kulinichenko, one of offshore sailing’s best and best known sailors. Yes we were stacking the odds in our favor and SpeedDream lived up to its reputation. Keel flying, spray flying and a brand new red asymmetrical spinnaker pulling the boat as it ripped back and forth across the Solent surprising more than a few unsuspecting sailors. It was, to put it mildly, a thrilling day.

We have teamed up with the award winning Extreme Sailing Series to demo-sail at their events and our debut was a week later in Cardiff, Wales, but not before some changes were made to the boat. An additional daggerboard slot was cut aft of the keel in order to test the two positions for speed and balance.  We also welcomed multiple circumnavigator Jonny Malbon to the SpeedDream team and he, Mike Golding and SpeedDream builder Steve Neil did as fantastic job showcasing the boat. Cardiff City Council reported that there were over 120,000 spectators watching the action on Cardiff Bay over the four days of the Extreme Sailing Series.

Light winds made for some very pleasant sailing days and out among a fleet of Extreme 40 catamarans SpeedDream looked quite at home. The X40 cats ripped back and forth flying their windward hulls while we scooted along, keel flying and the wave piercing bow piercing waves. It was our time to entertain and impress our technology partner Yandex and some of their important guests and we are happy to report that they were suitably wowed by the experience. SpeedDream was a hit.

Next stop will be the Extreme Sailing Series in Nice on the French Riviera with Mike Golding taking the helm for the event.




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