3rd March, 2014



As with all great new products, there comes a time when you have to decide that more testing and more analysis is less important than going into full production. Such is it with the mxNext. After almost a year of sailing the original prototype in all kinds of conditions and with sailors of all levels of experience, we now feel that the boat is 100% ready for full production and with that the first strands of carbon were laid down on hull #1 this morning. The mxNext is now formally in production and we foresee a great future for the boat.

Master builder Mark LeBlanc has worked tirelessly to perfect the mxNext and after recently spending five days two-boat testing in Coconut Grove, Florida, he feels happy that the boat is now ready for prime time. “It’s a long process from concept to production,” Mark said. “We had to build molds, develop tooling, produce a prototype, test it in all kinds of conditions, tweak and retweak, but finally it’s time to stop all that and go into production. This morning we started on hull #1 and it feels great to finally have a boat that I am extremely proud of and a nice facility that can turn out at least two boats a week.”

Sight unseen Mark has sold a dozen boats, most of them going to Switzerland and Russia where some very enthusiastic sailors can’t wait to get their hands on one and go sailing. Some of the investment money for the mxNext came from Switzerland, hence the push to sell a lot of boats in that country. Don’t be surprised if you start to see fleets of them springing up on Lake Leman.

Mark is an extremely experienced boat builder and has produced all kinds of carbon products from boats to masts and many things inbetween. The carbon work on the mxNext is just awesome and for a little extra money you can get a boat that has a clear finish over the carbon for distinctly high-tech look. For those who prefer colors Mark is offering the boats a variety of colors from all white, to white with an orange cockpit, grey, red or yellow. In fact if there is a color you really want, for a small premium Mark will be happy to oblige and get you a color of your choosing.

As an early production incentive you can purchase an mxNext for $12,500 until May 1, 2014.

Contact mxNext builder Mark LeBlanc for delivery information or if you are interested in becoming a Fleet Captain (dealer). We are slowly building a network of Fleet Captains and so if one of these listed below are closer than New Hampshire please feel free to make contact.

USA - New England - Mark LeBlanc

USA - Florida - Kuli Kulinichenko

Switzerland - Dominique Valiton

New Zealand - Graeme Hill


Here are some short unedited videos of the boat sailing in Florida.






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